Why it is called hunting

This weekend was the annual Doe and Youth Hunt in Northern Michigan.


We didn’t see any deer, but it was an incredibly successful hunt.


In the deep quiet of the blind, I could feel my body relax.  All I had to do was stay awake, watching how the light brought first this leaf, then that fallen tree, then the blue of the Jay into sharp relief.  This time of year, the forest sings with toads and insects, and the wind murmurs through the poplars and birch almost like chimes.

And there was quite a bit of wildlife to watch–the antics of a small pine squirrel trying to carry away an entire apple, the very noisy business of a woodpecker, the quick lilting steps of a grouse.

If we shot a deer every time, this season would be called “harvesting” or something like that.  I loved my hunt–meditation and beauty.

Kim Nunneley

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