Summer in October


What a strange month October has been.  The usual colors of fall are much more into the purple-red spectrum this year, and we’ve had 90 degree (record setting) heat here in the North Country. While its wonderful to get a few more weeks of summer, it’s also a little off putting.  Our pines are heavy with cones this year as well–Jack, White, Blue Spruce, even the cedar are showing more-than-usual cone growth.  Lots of folks are predicting heavy snows and a rough winter to come.


I’ve recently finished a small lap blanket, made with a simple nail and wood triangle frame loom.  I recycled a bunch of left-over yarns, then crocheted the triangles all together to create this project. Yeah, in 90 degree heat.  Go figure.  Rolled up and tied with a ribbon, it made a lovely gift for my friend.

My grand-daughter is working away at her first art slams–we sent the new art manual book to her this week.  I’ll share what she comes up with!