First Doe of 2017!!!

Kim and I harvested the first deer on the Family Wild acreage last night.  After watching a ruffled grouse and rabbit, as well as multiple cranky blue jays, a mature doe came out to our micro-plot.  After a couple moments, she turned broadside and offered a lung shot.  Kim had never witnessed a deer in a blind, much less watched one harvested.

I got the opportunity to pass on my Uncle Gary’s toilet paper trick of tracking as we followed the blood trail in the autumn leaves.  We found her and she got up and moved so we let her lay for a couple hours, had dinner, then went back out to recover the mature lady.

Kim also got her first experience of field dressing and performed assistant surgeon duties admirably.  We then set up our new pulley system in the garage and, after rinsing out our quarry, hung the deer overnight.  As a result, we have new nicknames, Brains and Brawn.  Kim’s the Brains (of course!) as she figured out the pulley system and I’m the Brawn, because God knows I’m not the brains.

This afternoon we took her to our favorite Alpena deer processor – Kipfmiller’s – and we should have fresh venison in about 10 days.  Suffice to say, we created another Family Wild memory!