Final Deer Season Preparations

We’re getting to the last 14 days before we shut the property down for archery and rifle deer season.  We should actually limit access on the first of September – but I had more to do around the property this first year.  This last weekend, I created another micro plot between two of our blinds and on the way to our hub food plot.  Using a small rototiller, I broke up ground in a 20 by 30 area just a ways from a major travel corridor that leads to the main night food plot.

Also, had a chance to cut out a second window on one of the property’s remaining box blinds and started the process of clearing a shooting lane out for it.  I’m down 2 chainsaws as I wait for a carb-adjustment tool to come to our door.  Until that happens, it’s just hand clippers and me.

We found four more apple trees I want to liberate from the cedars; sigh…but, again, have to wait to get the chainsaws up and running.