Chicken Coop with “Found” Materials


Good Morning!  What you see here is the beginning of our chicken coop using primarily rustic materials from our woods and found/recycled materials.  It will be eight feet by eight feet, egg collection box on the outside of the structure, light and a used dog kennel as the outdoor run.

We did purchase a tenon cutter (2″) because we have a gazebo, deck railing, furniture and other items we’re choosing to make out of cedar.  The cutter shapes the ends of the logs as you can see in the picture above, which are then inserted into a corresponding hole in the bigger cedar trunk.  It’s really like working with really big Legos!

Our extended family had thrown out perfectly good OSB board on the fire pile, so we rescued that for the walls. The board is put on using the many nails and screws we rescued from our “little house” project last year (purchased a $14,000 cabin, refitted it, and raised its value more than $30,000 using primarily Restore materials.).

We will invest in a metal roof and a clear story panel for added light, and will put in an LED bulb to keep our hens laying through the winter.  Considering that even simple sheds can cost thousands of dollars (and don’t really teach you new skills!) we felt this was a more interesting and economical way to go.

Eventually, we’ll side the whole thing with logs cut in half length-ways so the coop looks like a little log cabin.  I’ll add pics as we get it done.

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