Family Wild Hunting, Fishing and Wildlife Art Slams

Visit any of the links below to find your FREE Family Wild Slam Certificate that you can download and print. Our links are divided by our actual Family Wild Manuals. For example, you’ll find all of our Hunting PDF Certificates under the Hunting title, Fishing under the cover picture of our Fishing Manual and so on. At Family Wild we want to keep our recognition affordable for you and your members – feel free to download these to print off and recognize your member’s accomplishment!

Most of the Slams require the hunter to bag three animals in a category to earn their award. You can find Slams outlined in our Hunting, Fishing, Arts & Hunting Coloring Book Manuals. On our website, you’ll find Free Slam Certificates you can give to acknowledge their accomplishments.

You can also purchase Family Wild Plaques that come with ready-to-engrave brass tabs for each slam accomplished. Our shop sells the tabs and official Family Wild tab separately if you wish to make your own “trophy” out of a slab of wood or create a wall of honor in your home.

Make a BIG deal out of your young hunter earning each of these Slams. Most adult hunters wouldn’t qualify for these honors. In fact – adult members – we DARE YOU to try and earn your own Family Wild Slams along side your young hunters!

Downloadable Slam Certificates
Fishing Slams

Angler Club
Bass Family Slam
Casting Slam
Crappie Slam
Fly Fishing Slam
Ice Fishing Slam
Largemouth Bass Slam
Make Your Own Slam
Other Fish Slam
Panfish Slam
Perch Slam
Predator Fishing Slam
Salmon Slam
Saltwater Slam
Smallmouth Bass Slam
Trolling Slam
Trout Slam
Worm Bobber Slam
Fishing Grand Slam
Fishing Super Slam
Fishing Ultimate Slam

Hunting Slams

Big Game Slam
Bow Slam
Crossbow Slam
Duck Slam
Feather Slam
Buck Club Membership
Buck Slam
Deer Family Slam
Doe-Nation Membership
Doe-Nation Slam
Predator Slam
Trapper Slam
Hunters Club Certificate
Hunting Grand Slam
Hunting Super Slam
Hunting Ultimate Slam
Muzzleloader Slam
Pistol Slam
Rifle Slam
Shotgun Slam
Small Game Slam
Varmint Slam
Waterfowl Slam

Target Slams

Bow Target Slam
Compound Bow Target Slam
Long Bow Target Slam
Crossbow Target Slam
Crossbow Target Grand Slam
Marksman Slam
Muzzleloader Target Slam
Pistol Target Slam
Recurve Bow Target Slam
Rifle Target Slam
Shotgun Target Slam
Shotgun Clay Slam

Arts Slams

Art Club Membership
Construction Slam
Create Your Own Art Slam
Drawing Slam
Food Plots/Gardening Slam
Music Slam
Painting Slam
Photography Slam
Pressing Slam
Recipe & Food Slam
Scrapbook Journal Slam
Sculpting Slam
Taxidermy Slam
Textile Arts Slam
Trail Cam Slam
Videography Slam
Writing Slam

Coloring Book Slams

Big Game Slam
Deer Family Slam
Duck Family Slam
Feather Slam
Hunter’s Club Membership
Predator Slam
Small Game Slam
Trapper Slam
Varmint Slam
Waterfowl Slam
Your Slam

Release Form

FW Adult Child Photo Release
FW Adult Photo Release
FW Intellectual Property Release

Application Forms

FW Activity Application
FW Walk Softly Application

WILD Slams

WILD Grand Slam
WILD Super Slam
WILD Ultimate Slam