1. How do we sign up or start our Family Wild Club?
    A: As soon as you purchase either a Hunting, Fishing or Arts Manual, you have everything you need to start your Family Wild Club. You just need to invite your family and friends to your first meeting. 
  2. How old do you have to be to join Family Wild?
    A: You can be ANY age to participate in your Family Wild Club. We offer activities for all ages. Parents and adults need to determine when a member is ready to actually hunt or fish. 
  3. Do you have to be related to each other to be in a Family Wild Club?
    A: No, you can invite friends in addition to family members. The more people you involve in your Family Wild Club the better. 
  4. Who decides if you achieve a Family Wild Slam?
    A: You do. Your club determines EVERYTHING for your club. There’s no national, state or local affiliate to oversee your activities. This is your club – period. 
  5. Can Adults earn Family Wild Slams?
    A: Certainly. In fact, we love it when members of all ages earn Family Wild Slams. If the adult members strive for slams, it will encourage the younger members to do the same. 
  6. Is there a difference between the Color versions of Family Wild Books versus the Black & White?
    A: Knowing that everyone has different family budgets, we offer full color and black & white versions of many of our books. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, our black & white books have exactly the same information in them as our color versions. 
  7. Are there annual club dues or membership dues for Family Wild?
    A: Only if you decide to charge membership dues. We recommend that you do, but you keep the money for your club activities. We believe that members will understand the value of their Family Wild experience if they have to make a financial investment in their club. But it’s totally up to your club. 
  8. How do we submit activities, recipes, photos, etc. to Family Wild?
    A: Go to the contact page on this website. You can also submit things directly to us via the mail at 2460 Hamilton Rd. Alpena, MI 49707. Be sure you fill out a photo release form if applicable. 
  9. What do we get if we submit something to Family Wild that gets published in a future book?
    A: If you submit an activity, photo or any topic published in a Family Wild Book, you’ll receive a complimentary copy of the book for your library and a personal thank you letter from us at Family Wild. Remember to include appropriate release forms with your submission. You can find PDF versions of the forms on this site. 
  10. What do we have to do to submit a “Walk Softly” Family Wild project?
    A: You have to submit a “Walk Softly” Family Wild project application and fulfill all requirements as described in our Family Wild books and on our Web page. Again, make sure you include all appropriate release forms and documentation with your submission. 
  11. Can we create our own Family Wild Slam?
    A: YES! For our Hunting, Fishing and Art Slams, you can also create your own Slam. We’ve tried to focus on Slams that should be possible in most areas. However, let’s say you like to hunt snakes. You can create a Snake Slam. Again, it’s your club and you can make up your own Slams. 
  12. Do we have to do a Family Wild Tournament?
    A: No, you don’t have to but we highly recommend you do. Don’t be overwhelmed at the thought of hosting a tournament. You can keep it a small (or large) as you want it. We recommend trying something small to begin with and then build on it. It doesn’t have to be open to the public, you can keep it within your own club. 
  13. Can we achieve a Slam for an Art Activity?
    A: Yes. We’ve authored a Family Wild art activity manual for those who don’t want to pull the trigger on an animal or set a hook on a fish. Everyone can enjoy the outdoors and earn Family Wild slams. 
  14. How big or small does our FW club have to be?
    A: Technically, you could have a club of one member. However, we recommend you invite all your friends and family. If you have grandparents, invite them to be a member of your club. If you have grandchildren, invite them. Same for parents, invite your children and your parents. Don’t forget about aunts, uncles, cousins and friend! 
  15. Do we have to have regular meetings/events?
    A: As with everything Family Wild, you decide. If you just want to hold meetings during hunting season, fine. If you want to have meetings during fall hunting and winter fishing season, good. However, we recommend you hold regular meetings throughout the year to keep the fun going! 
  16. Do we have to Fish to have a Family Wild Club? Hunt? Art Activities?
    A: If your family doesn’t fish, that’s fine you can still have a Family Wild Hunt club. If you don’t hunt, again, fine, you can have the Fishing Club. Heck, if you don’t do either but want to explore the Arts in the outdoors we have a Family Wild Arts club for you. As with everything in Family Wild – you decide. 
  17. How do we contact Family Wild?
    A: Go to the contact page on this site and find us that way. You can also submit things directly to us at 2460 Hamilton Rd. Alpena, MI 49707. 
  18. Where do we find Family Wild’s other books?
    A: You can purchase all of our Family Wild books on Amazon. Look under Family Wild, M.W. Nunneley or Kim Nunneley. 
  19. Where do we find Family Wild merchandise?
    A: Visit our online storefronts at:
    Family Wild Products
    and Family Enterprise
  20. Do we have to buy the Manuals to get a personal Slam book for each of our members?
    A: We offer Slam books for each member to be able to track their personal slams without having to buy the complete manual. Each club should only need to buy one Club Manual for everyone’s use and then can purchase the less expensive Slam books to track individual Slam Achievements.