Cedar Arts

We have a lot cedar boughs down, so I decided to try my hand at a little archway, using branch weaving. I’ve got a ways to go, but this is how it looks. I have corrected the lean, by the way. HA! I think I’ll add a back, and it will be a sweet little place to sit or I can display some of my glass painting inside, a little “contemplative” shrine of sorts.  A chickadee came and sat on a crossbar as soon as I lifted the frame into place.  We looked at each other, she gave a loud “cheeeep!” and took wing.  Magic moment.

Later today, I’m going to do some tee-pee style garden supports, and want to do a couple in the woods for places to sit and journal in nature…after the mosquitoes come and I go I suspect. Ha! We continue to lay out log raised beds and frame our bird feeding stations.  I’m looking forward to landscaping with rock, including making paths.  We are “blessed” with tons of limestone and granite; will be so much fun using the materials at hand.

I’ve also tried my hand at stick wrapping and weaving, and need to go root around in the woods and find a couple of click sticks to decorate for rhythm instruments.  The odd triangular frame is for peas to grow on–we can’t plant until Mother’s Day here in the north country–but gotta get everything ready to go!

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