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Stewardship and Love

“The key to living well is remembering that nothing lasts. Holding that key, we simply respond honestly and cleanly to whatever comes our way. We do not fear suffering when it comes, because we know that it cannot last. We do not dampen our joy by worrying whether or not it will end; we know it will end and thus hold it all the more precious.  . . . Nothing lasts, . . . and that is the most liberating truth of all.”
— Rami Shapiro, The Way of Solomon

This quote came home as we continue work on our new hunting property, Back Acres, LLC. It’s a big clean-up, replete with hundreds of molded books, bags of clothing, mouse-a-fied furniture and the accumulation of years and years of living. As we watched the roaring fire yet again diminish to a 4’x6′ area of thin ash, it reminded us that what we accumulate in our lives is not as important as the relationships we nurture with the great trees and rocks on the property, the birds and animals of the camp, and our parents, siblings, children and grandchildren. This is where the previous owners continue to touch our lives. Material items pass through our hands and return to dust. Love and the way we honor life alone abides.